ABGESAGT: Gorm EP Release @ Kneipe Dieter / M.A.U. Club

w/ Enojado + Karsk
09.04.2020 | Einlass: 19:00 | VVK: 10,80 € Tickets


Gorm hauen endlich ihre neue „Elysium“-EP auf den Markt und haben dafür die Jungs von ENOJADO und KARSK eingeladen!🔥

GORM (Rostock)

The trio from Rostock is known for its heavy riffs, that try to crush you, switch to dreamy, almost shallow parts without distracting from the right path. It is probably just this very path, which drives the tension in the songs, builds up sprawling walls of sound and collapses by energetic and epic riffs.
On stage the three deliver a distinctive sound – big, loud and groovy as fuck!



Strained out of the industrial coal-mining areas of western Germany, the three guys seems to be magnetic for dirt, dust and heavy tools. ENOJADOs power hits you unexpected, sweeping like an archaic force of nature. Their uncompromising and impressive live shows are a great experience and shakes you down to the core!
Heavy, Doom and Stonerrock are the substructure for ENOJADOs violent eruption.


KARSK (Berlin)

…is a loud, rambling machine to set your brains on fire. Odd riffs, heavy grooves and fat fuzzy basslines drilling through your ears!


Do 09.04.2020 | Einlass: 19 Uhr | Beginn: 20 Uhr