Support: camou & Poko Cox
04.12.2014 | Einlass: 19:00 | VVK: 10,85 € Tickets

On-The-Go is a band originated in Togliatti, now based in Moscow. The band belongs to the set of new Russian musicians, who make western oriented music – western not by its content, but by performance and recording quality. On-The-Go started their career in 2009 by releasing self-titled LP. The release was followed by a major tour across  Russia and supporting performances for Keane, She Wants Revenge, Patrick Wolf, Autokratz, The Horrors and many others.

In 2010 the band released the single «In The Wind» and then in 2011 «One Spark» EP, both releases were a radical change to the band’s sound.

At the end of 2012 On-The-Go released a long-awaite LP «November», their first proper record in a new sound which became a great success in Russia.

In October of 2013 there was a premier of a new single «Keep Pretending», the first one to the new album, tentatively scheduled for April 2014. It was followed by «Brother» in December and the third one named «Life Boat» at the beginning of February of 2014. The covers to all the singles to the new album are the artworks of Avdotja Alexandrova.

In april of 2013 On-The-Go successfuly released new album «Young Hearts».



Support: Poko Cox

It was winter of 2004 and Poko met Yura Kurokhtin to form a band called AEROBIKA. These new kids on the block skyrocketed Moscow underground clubscene and appeared at the popular at that time Idle Conversation parties (they shared the stage with the likes of Dick For Dick, Filthy Dukes, Lo-Fi FNK, Digitalism, Shy Child) as well as city music festivals like Afisha Picnic, VGIK Festival 2007 and others.

In spring 2008 AEROBIKA played their last two gigs in Moscow and St. Petersburg and disbanded. The same year Poko under the moniker Constanteen releases a free-download single called Culture War which becomes popular among club kids all over Russia and grabs the attention of UK Q-Magazine. In the beginning of 2009 Poko writes soundtrack for Look at me and Casio special project – a computer game called Kabots and in spring of the same year he plays few gigs as featuring artist with Flying Rods (Afisha Picnic, Adidas Originals House Party etc.)

In winter of 2010 Poko joins Tesla Boy band as a guitarist and back-vocalist and tours with them for two years. As a member of Tesla Boy Poko played all over Europe (Exit Festival in Serbia, Insomnia and Barents Spektakl in Norway, gigs in Sweden, Finland, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belorussia, Croatia, Ukraine)

At that time Poko Cox as solo artist was withdrawn into shadows. But in 2012 he leaves Tesla Boy and writes and records his own new songs under the name POKO COX with the help of former Tesla Boy bassist Dima Midborn (now playing in On- The-Go band) and the drummer Gregory Dobrynin (also the drummer of On- The-Go band). After his debut-EP release parties in 16 tons club and Solyanka club in Moscow he tours Russia and plays gigs at «Bosco Fresh Fest» and «Blast Fest» for thousands of people and appears at Lost in Music Festival (Finland). In July of 2013 he releases his debut EP The Beginning which sets the stage for his full length album which is to be released later this year.



“Poko Cox is another of Russian’s bright young things” – Q Magazine

“High energy rhythms and vastly entertaining instrumentations really push the Rad Meter into the danger zone” – Synthetix.fm


Support: camou

camou gelten mit Gitarre, Cajon und zwei Stimmen als die Urväter der Wohoomusik. Die Jungs machen für euch Musik zum Hüften schwingen, Zuhören, Genießen und Nachdenken. Es wird bunt vom Hemd bis zum Beat.